Sunday, February 2, 2014


Why yes, I am starting to use hashtags in my reading instruction!

The idea came to mind when a friend of mine, who is also a 5th grade educator, posted a story to his blog about making videos more interactive with a back channel. The one thing that stood out to me was the use/creation of hashtags after the students responded to videos to contribute to discussion. Check his sit out at Teachers Use Tech

After some thought on one of my commutes to school, I thought that idea would be perfect to use in my reading workshop. My students were having a hard time recording their thoughts on post-its, they just didn't see the meaning to it and it was hard for them to relate to.

So, last Monday, I decided to introduce the idea of using hashtags to record their thinking as they were reading. We practice with me modeling and then having discussions based on our read aloud, Tiger Rising. NOW, it is really starting to click for them! It really has helped our discussions on books and those who wouldn't normally participate, are starting to contribute. They are even bringing them up in conferencing discussion, just like I was hoping they would.

See the example below from one of my students. I'm really hoping this will be a huge help as we begin blogging.